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Deep Bench with a High Level of Trading Expertise

Dalzell Trading has brought together many of the best traders from the buy-side and sell-side to provide our clients with a unique solution to their equity trading needs.  Our team is led by former Heads of Trading at BlackRock and Janney. Our team’s range of experience spans from the buy-side to the sell-side including traders from and coverage of small hedge funds to the largest institutional manager in the world; we are experienced in algorythmic trading, block trading, options trading, basket trading and protecting trades from predatory high frequency trading. Our traders are equipped with unique skill sets and provide our clients with custom-built trading solutions that are executed by a team of veteran traders.  Our unique approach and skill set offers clients a significantly different approach to fulfilling their equity trading needs in an ever-changing, dynamic environment.  Our traders have traded through all different phases of markets, from benign markets to severe corrections and bull markets.  Our decades of experience from both sides of the trading aisle provides a unique view on how to trade equity securities.  We are not the typical prime broker or sell-side trading desk where most of their traders may have less than five years of experience.

View Us as Your Professional Buy-Side Trading Desk

We combine current trading technology with the skill sets of our highly experienced traders to tailor trade execution solutions that are specific to each client’s needs. We have created a client-focused approach at Dalzell Trading that fosters professional and close-knit trading relationships with each client. We ask "what is important to you?", we gain an understanding of your investment strategy and your desired trading outcomes, and then we develop trading strategies that work best for you. This allows us to execute as your dedicated buy-side trading desk. We are an independent, conflict-free firm. Our clients trade with anonymity as our counterparties only see Dalzell Trading executing trades. Additionally, we protect our client’s orders from information leakage as we do not “shop” orders to the street and we have no prop trading – further aligning the interests of Dalzell Trading with our clients’ interests.

We will also act as an extension of existing buy-side trading desks who wish to keep their in-house traders. Traders can utilize our exclusive, proprietary trade execution venues & strategies. Additionally, managers who wish to have a robust DR/BCP are able to retain Dalzell Trading for complete trade execution services during disaster recovery or when traders are out of the office.

Regulatory Advisory Services

Our team of experienced professionals can provide unique solutions to many of the regulatory challenges that professional money managers face today.  We have advised and consulted to large institutional managers and start-up managers providing best execution policy and procedure, best trading practices expertise, and compliance solutions.  Our experience providing solutions to clients in these areas gives us a unique value add for our clients.

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